If there is one thing that determines our perception of our life – how we feel, what we want … – that one thing world be our mind. While our physical life, our environment does not quite change that much, our judgment about the world and our personal position on how we perceive this world changes dramatically – depending on our mood, our experience, our current being.
One day we might be down and become aggressive for small reason, the other day something very bad could happen and we continue as if nothing could bring us out of temper.
Our mind and our mindset is the most powerful influence we have on our life, and yet it’s is the least understood. We have no manual, no instructions how to face our fears or how to control our appetites for new things. We can not control it very well.
But we can learn how we “tick” and what is good for us – and with time we may even gain some control and become more aware of the traps and mechanisms of our mind. That is what is called mindfulness.
Mindfulness is especially good when we make art. Art is an act where we have to speak about the truth about ourself and how we perceive the world. You could say, that creativity can only work by not controlling the mind – but I think this is misleading. The mind has its own rules and is by far too loud that it alone represents us as persons. There are wider things within us that want to be heard in the creative process. And to get them to speak up, the mind has to be kept at bay – we need to master at least some aspects of it to become creative and bring forward what wants to be heard.
If we can not do that, we will most likely experience creative phases as luck and not as the result of an intended struggle.


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