Life is a miracle. If you think about the sometimes very destructive mechanisms forging the universe, the chance that something as beautiful as a birch tree in the evening light even exists is diminishing low.

Anyway – the physical universe does not know beauty.
Life knows beauty.
Human beings know beauty.

And yet, here we are. Being aware of our selfs, being aware of the surrounding universe – and knowing, feeling, what beauty is. Striving for happiness, for sense, for enlightenment – something that physically we can not proof it exists. It exists in us, we know that it’s exists, because it is part of our day to day experience. We know joy, happiness, grief, frustration, excitement, sadness, luck, anger, beauty – a whole universe of feelings within us, that are there, even we do not have a physical proof for that.

We are so much more, life – and our life in particular – is a miracle, given birth by a so much destructive environment.

Maybe, that is what is our inheritance we have from the universe, that finally brought us to existence. The power for creating and experiencing incredible beauty, and yet also the power and will to create incredible destruction.

What distinguishes us from the universe is, that we are capable to choose. We have choices how to act. And in this way, reflecting the universe around us, we are indeed blessed and cursed at the same time. Being able to choose differently and thus choosing between what we perceive as good and what we perceive as bad, blessed with free will And yet, at the same time, being cursed because we know the choice is ours, our responsibility.

And this is what a real day to day miracle is: a human being, making the right choices and bringing more beauty into into this universe instead of destruction.

We are a miracle, if we choose to be so.

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