First Experiences: Fuji X-E1 and the Fujinon 56 1.4 Lens

This one is about gear. Some weeks ago I was looking for a shift in my “day to day” equipment section. I used a Canon G1X – which gave great raw files and was good for my landscape photography. However I was not that happy using it for family business – a little bit to slow, a little bit to bad AF functionality. So I looked – due to some online reviews and posts – into the Fuji X system.

A good deal with my local preferred supplier and the X-E1 with the zoom kit made the change possible, selling my ol G1X saved my budget. Now I have the 56 f 1.4 as additional prime portrait lens – and overall I am pretty amazed how well this camera and lens work.

The AF is not stellar, but much better than my G1X. The low light performance at high ISO is incredible (!) for such a small sensor. It outperforms my 5D Mark II. The overall picture quality in JPEG is very satisfying. The shooting experience is great, the camera is engaging, with lots of manual control options. What I really come to love is the possibility to influence the JPEG rendering options in camera. I set up some presets for b&w pictures, and the results are absolutely satisfying, straight out of camera.

The optical quality of the 56mm lens is exceptional, it is a joy to use and sharp, even at 1.4 – with 5.6 also excellent up to the corners.

All in all – this system gives more than I expected. My 5D MII equipment is in danger, depending on how the Fuji system evolves in the next few month.