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  • Paper
    When it comes to printing, paper is essential. It helps the print to come alive. The selection of paper and it’s contribution to the print has significantly changed in the digital workflows. If I remember the darkroom era, it was pretty much limited to finish characteristics (glossy, pearl, mat), a little bit tonality (warm/cold), graduation,… Read more: Paper
  • Some Thoughts on Generative AI
    Artificial Intelligence has been and will continue to be a great topic for this decade and the decades to come. Machines learn how to create content that we perceive being of high – or lets say – adequate quality, much faster than any human being could create this content. The consequences are both frightening and… Read more: Some Thoughts on Generative AI
  • An Analogue Adventure – Continued
    Two rolls of Kodak Tri-X made it into my improvised darkroom. First attempt after more than 20 years, I was quite nervous to see if this will work out. It actually did. I almost couldn’t believe it that the rolls of film had pictures on it … From the negatives I created digital scans, using… Read more: An Analogue Adventure – Continued
  • Sharp and Simple Mobility
    Starting my Analogue Adventure, it completely changes my perception of what I believe. I thought my Fuji X-Camera gear is compact and small. I learn, there is another level of „full frame“ compactness, also with lenses. I thought my lenses were the best there could be. I learn about lens character and rendering performance beyond… Read more: Sharp and Simple Mobility
  • An Analogue Adventure
    I started using digital photography around 2001. Coming from an intense analog photography period, using black and white film, developing it myself and using my own darkroom. For color work, Kodak Ektachrome Slide was my favorite choice. Until last year. I got infected. It started by reading a book: “The Revenge of Analog”. Telling the… Read more: An Analogue Adventure
  • A Photographers Holiday in Wales
    I was thrilled when my family and me planned to have our summer holiday in the Brecon Beacons and after that in Exmoor. We booked two cottages, situated quite remotely and as we say in German „In der Pampa“ which translates to „If you are in the Shire, living in Bag End, you still have… Read more: A Photographers Holiday in Wales
  • Great Photo Spots in Northern England
    My family visits the English Islands quite regularly – for my wife ist is actually „coming come“. We have been to Cornwall, Dorset, Wales (North), the Lake District, Scotland and Northumbria. It has always been an amazing experience with great landscapes and plenty of opportunities to follow the passion of photography. After the pandemic, we… Read more: Great Photo Spots in Northern England
  • Mind Shift Rotation 180
    I have been using the Mind Shift Rotation Backpack for two years now and I have to say that I am very impressed. This backpack allows me to have significantly better access to my camera without making compromises in terms of comfort and long distance hiking. Being out with the kids very often, I can… Read more: Mind Shift Rotation 180
  • Blea Tarn
    Blea Tarn is a small lake, located in the English Lake District. It is situated high up between the mountains, on a kind of pass.  The location can easily be reached by car, and offers interesting opportunities for early morning shots, especially from the southern shore of the lake, looking north.  Under perfect conditions, the… Read more: Blea Tarn