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  • Some Thoughts on Generative AI

    Some Thoughts on Generative AI

    Artificial Intelligence has been and will continue to be a great topic for this decade and the decades to come. Machines learn how to create content that we perceive being of high – or lets say – adequate quality, much faster than any human being could create this content. The consequences are both frightening and…

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  • An Analogue Adventure – Continued

    An Analogue Adventure – Continued

    Two rolls of Kodak Tri-X made it into my improvised darkroom. First attempt after more than 20 years, I was quite nervous to see if this will work out. It actually did. I almost couldn’t believe it that the rolls of film had pictures on it … From the negatives I created digital scans, using…

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  • What Cameras are About

    What Cameras are About

    I have used several cameras in the past decades. My first one was a Pentax Spotmatic, which I got passed on from my father, followed by a Yashika. I then bought the EOS 100 as first camera by my own money, got into digital with the EOS 30D, followed by the 50D and then the…

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  • Love Your Pictures

    Love Your Pictures

    Spend time with them, because they say a lot about who you are and why you made them in the first place. Learn from them, because they not only show what you like, but also show to you what you would like to improve. They are pictures, but also like mirrors to guide you a…

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  • Monochrome


    If there is one style or photographic direction that I have always been using, it is black and white photography. I was hooked – like many others – when I got involved with the pictures of Ansel Adams. Even though his pictures are quite old today, they still resemble masterpieces of flawless quality. He did…

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  • The Decisive Moment

    The Decisive Moment

    Photography is about moments, captured in a specific location, showing a specific scenery in a unique light. Bringing all of these things together – when we press the shutter – the camera captures a moment time. Sometimes that one moment is referred to as the decisive moment. And the interpretation is that the decisive moment is something happening in…

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  • Fujinon XF16 F1.4

    Fujinon XF16 F1.4

    I have been using this lens now for approximately three weeks during our last holiday in Dorset. My primary use is landscape and seascape photography on a Fuji X-T1. It is mostly used with small apertures (f16) to achieve highest depth of field. In a nutshell: This lens is amazing. The lens was used in…

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  • The Magic of the Print

    The Magic of the Print

    Theoretically, with today’s technology in screen based presentation of picturse, you could say that quality has evolved to the point that you may no longer need to print out anything anymore. Resolution, color reproduction and ease of use have come to a point that what you see on screen has a physical quality, that may…

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  • First Experiences: Fuji X-E1 and the Fujinon 56 1.4 Lens

    First Experiences: Fuji X-E1 and the Fujinon 56 1.4 Lens

    This one is about gear. Some weeks ago I was looking for a shift in my “day to day” equipment section. I used a Canon G1X – which gave great raw files and was good for my landscape photography. However I was not that happy using it for family business – a little bit to…

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