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  • Mind Shift Rotation 180

    Mind Shift Rotation 180

    I have been using the Mind Shift Rotation Backpack for two years now and I have to say that I am very impressed. This backpack allows me to have significantly better access to my camera without making compromises in terms of comfort and long distance hiking. Being out with the kids very often, I can…

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  • The Magic of The Print

    The Magic of The Print

    The displays of our Computers and TVs have gone through an incredible evolution. In recent years, we have been confronted with advanced technology to present our work – tablets with high resolution displays as colourful, sharp and shiny as we could wish for.  I remember – years ago – when I bought my first digital…

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  • Growth


    Life is about growing. We never stay the same person, but change constantly as does our environment. We live on change, you could even say that change is one of the major factors that drive us through life. For example: we can not directly detect temperatures, all we can detect is the withdrawal or the…

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  • Digital Life

    Digital Life

    We say that we have a digital life. Scientifically this is non- sense. Digital is just 1-0 or 0-1. Everything around me is very much analogue. With digital we chop reality into peaces of 1s and 0s one of the arguments I remember is that there is no “loss”, even if you copy the data…

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  • Small Things

    Small Things

      Sometimes even the small things can make interesting pictures — it is just  about to see them. The good news is that everyone is drawn to different things to see. There is an infinite number of expressions to explore.

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  • Print of Today

    Print of Today

      This picture was made near the Altenberger Dom during a small hike my family and me did back in 2012. The transformation to monochrome was a good choice – I especially like the structure that is much better visible when seen in monochrome.

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