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  • An Analogue Adventure – Continued

    An Analogue Adventure – Continued

    Two rolls of Kodak Tri-X made it into my improvised darkroom. First attempt after more than 20 years, I was quite nervous to see if this will work out. It actually did. I almost couldn’t believe it that the rolls of film had pictures on it … From the negatives I created digital scans, using…

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  • Sharp and Simple Mobility

    Sharp and Simple Mobility

    Starting my Analogue Adventure, it completely changes my perception of what I believe. I thought my Fuji X-Camera gear is compact and small. I learn, there is another level of „full frame“ compactness, also with lenses. I thought my lenses were the best there could be. I learn about lens character and rendering performance beyond…

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  • An Analogue Adventure

    An Analogue Adventure

    I started using digital photography around 2001. Coming from an intense analog photography period, using black and white film, developing it myself and using my own darkroom. For color work, Kodak Ektachrome Slide was my favorite choice. Until last year. I got infected. It started by reading a book: “The Revenge of Analog”. Telling the…

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  • What Cameras are About

    What Cameras are About

    I have used several cameras in the past decades. My first one was a Pentax Spotmatic, which I got passed on from my father, followed by a Yashika. I then bought the EOS 100 as first camera by my own money, got into digital with the EOS 30D, followed by the 50D and then the…

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  • Sony World Photo Award 2016

    Sony World Photo Award 2016

    I have just uploaded my images to participate in the Sony World Photo Award 2016. Easy enough, as participation is free. This is a good start in the photography year 2016 – I am already curious what is to come this year, what we will see and which pictures I will get done. I have…

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  • Monochrome

    If there is one style or photographic direction that I have always been using, it is black and white photography. I was hooked – like many others – when I got involved with the pictures of Ansel Adams. Even though his pictures are quite old today, they still resemble masterpieces of flawless quality. He did…

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  • The Decisive Moment

    The Decisive Moment

    Photography is about moments, captured in a specific location, showing a specific scenery in a unique light. Bringing all of these things together – when we press the shutter – the camera captures a moment time. Sometimes that one moment is referred to as the decisive moment. And the interpretation is that the decisive moment is something happening in…

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  • To the Sea

    To the Sea

    Looking back at older photographs of mine, I sometimes wonder what I was thinking when I made those shots. Not only that the technique I used was far from perfect, but sometimes I am astonished why the heck I made this shot at all. Today, I wold either not make it, or I would choose…

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  • Soul


    If there is one thing that we – as human beings – discussed for centuries and still elude to get the answer, it is the question: What is the soul? Everybody has some idea about it. Sometimes we know it is there. Sometimes we feel ist is missing. Interesting enough, we associate it primarily with living beings.…

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