An Analogue Adventure – Continued


Trees at a nearby river, Kodak Tri-X in Bessa R2M

Two rolls of Kodak Tri-X made it into my improvised darkroom. First attempt after more than 20 years, I was quite nervous to see if this will work out. It actually did. I almost couldn’t believe it that the rolls of film had pictures on it …

From the negatives I created digital scans, using my more than ten years old scanner with a software update. What surprises me is the little work required to adjust the result – some clarity, contrast correction, little bit of sharpening … quite a satisfying workflow.

Are the results “better” than digital pictures – no.

They look different, that is all (which is not a small thing)

The process however – that is where the fun part is. Getting the negatives out of the darkroom with useable results – that is different than being able to preview your result directly after you took the shot.

Some architecture in Duesseldorf, Kodak Tri-X in Bessa R2M
Some more tree work, Kodak Tri-X in Bessa R2M
And more trees, Kodak Tri-X in Bessa R2M
And some water work, Kodak Tri-X in Bessa R2M




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