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  • An Analogue Adventure – Continued

    An Analogue Adventure – Continued

    Two rolls of Kodak Tri-X made it into my improvised darkroom. First attempt after more than 20 years, I was quite nervous to see if this will work out. It actually did. I almost couldn’t believe it that the rolls of film had pictures on it … From the negatives I created digital scans, using…

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  • Blea Tarn

    Blea Tarn

    Blea Tarn is a small lake, located in the English Lake District. It is situated high up between the mountains, on a kind of pass.  The location can easily be reached by car, and offers interesting opportunities for early morning shots, especially from the southern shore of the lake, looking north.  Under perfect conditions, the…

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  • Print of Today

    Print of Today

      This picture was made near the Altenberger Dom during a small hike my family and me did back in 2012. The transformation to monochrome was a good choice – I especially like the structure that is much better visible when seen in monochrome.

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