Digital Life

We say that we have a digital life. Scientifically this is non- sense. Digital is just 1-0 or 0-1. Everything around me is very much analogue. With digital we chop reality into peaces of 1s and 0s one of the arguments I remember is that there is no “loss”, even if you copy the data a 1000 times.
But isn’t there the biggest loss right in the beginning, when we first transformed reality into these tiny peaces? Don’t we loose if we think we can not loose? We only have one capability to hear and only one capability to see. Digital did not change that. We are analogue beings. And that is all that we have to be. We can distinguish a lot of sounds if we learn to listen intently. If we do not listen intently, because digital allows us to listen more and quicker – then we are loosing a lot of quality.
Digital life should not be our way to live. We need to understand that only when we are aware of our capabilities to see or to listen to the full, we will gain quality in our live, a lot more than digital will ever be able to offer.