Love Your Pictures


  • Spend time with them, because they say a lot about who you are and why you made them in the first place.
  • Learn from them, because they not only show what you like, but also show to you what you would like to improve. They are pictures, but also like mirrors to guide you a little further.
  • Joy comes while making them and joy comes by looking at them and learn from them. While they grow, you grow.
  • It is all more about yourself and what you enjoy while making them
  • You develop with them, and their successors develop with you. Like in a story, things are not set but evolve. If you don’t let them evolve, you stagnate.
  • You do not develop pictures, but yourself. They come from you, not your camera and not the computer. They come from you. If you want to make other pictures, you have to become another you.
  • You have to let go as well. If you stick with the old stuff, you hinder yourself to try new things and develop yourself. Like all art, this is about yourself as much about what you create
  • If you become afraid, that’s a good sign. There is no development if there is nothing at stake.
  • Love your pictures. Spend time with them, because then you spend time with yourself.




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