Mind Shift Rotation 180

I have been using the Mind Shift Rotation Backpack for two years now and I have to say that I am very impressed. This backpack allows me to have significantly better access to my camera without making compromises in terms of comfort and long distance hiking.
Being out with the kids very often, I can carry my gear, get to my camera quickly without dismounting the whole backpack and still have some room left for cookies and other bribery stuff you need to keep the little ones in the mood for just another shot. It has some clever solutions for tripod transportation, compartments for the small stuff and is an overall well designed piece of equipment.
In terms of usability – this one is the most used of my camera bags. It makes me make more photographs and gives quicker access to the camera, especially when you are hiking and need to carry more than just your equipment.


time can never be lost or found- it can only be used more wisely.

Eternity is nothing that can be achieved by us – as long as we perceive it as a duration or point in distant future. However, if eternity is something so remotely in the future that the past is everything but a shadow of the moments that were – then future and past do not matter anymore.
As they do not matter in the present moment.
When we are in the present moment, we experience a glimpse of eternity. Not being distracted by thoughts of the future or the past, only the present moment releases us from every burden we have – and we gain our personal eternity.
Eternity is now and now is eternity.



Life is about growing. We never stay the same person, but change constantly as does our environment. We live on change, you could even say that change is one of the major factors that drive us through life. For example: we can not directly detect temperatures, all we can detect is the withdrawal or the input of energy through our skin. If you would give an ice cold coin to someone on a hot day, that person in the first moment can not say if the coin is hot or cold, for that reason he might drop it not to get burned. We can only detect the temperature change.
Same is with our artist life or our skills. We will never approach to an end, we will constantly change (grow). And for that reason we need to be open to what is out there and might influence us. We are never finished, there is no static end shape of ours. And that is why our photography will constantly develop, too. The possibilities are unlimited. We might get to the same point twice and make very different pictures in different light and a different vision.
I find this very encouraging. There is always something new around the corner, and that is us.
Life is a draft.IMG_0219.JPG


Everybody needs a lighthouse. Some point of orientation, something to provide guidance and perspective. Something that drives us to one direction, that makes us move and leave our current position. A lighthouse is not only something to warn against fatal reefs, but also a landmark, an important point of the journey.

Digital Life

We say that we have a digital life. Scientifically this is non- sense. Digital is just 1-0 or 0-1. Everything around me is very much analogue. With digital we chop reality into peaces of 1s and 0s one of the arguments I remember is that there is no “loss”, even if you copy the data a 1000 times.
But isn’t there the biggest loss right in the beginning, when we first transformed reality into these tiny peaces? Don’t we loose if we think we can not loose? We only have one capability to hear and only one capability to see. Digital did not change that. We are analogue beings. And that is all that we have to be. We can distinguish a lot of sounds if we learn to listen intently. If we do not listen intently, because digital allows us to listen more and quicker – then we are loosing a lot of quality.
Digital life should not be our way to live. We need to understand that only when we are aware of our capabilities to see or to listen to the full, we will gain quality in our live, a lot more than digital will ever be able to offer.