A Photographers Holiday in Wales


I was thrilled when my family and me planned to have our summer holiday in the Brecon Beacons and after that in Exmoor. We booked two cottages, situated quite remotely and as we say in German „In der Pampa“ which translates to „If you are in the Shire, living in Bag End, you still have to travel another three miles into nowhere, then you are „in the Pampa““.

Map-Scouting the area it became clear quite quickly that this would be about waterfalls and mountains. And that actually was real.

Our first outing was a small round (my family and me driving some miles and then having a walk) in the valley of the Caerfanell river, called the Blaen-y-Glyn waterfalls. I was positively surprised how many opportunities there were to shoot along the river, not only waterfalls.

Very Old Tree
Wall and Tree

This area is quite busy with other sports being done, like canyoning. To have the chance to take pictures in solitude, it is good to be early. Overcast days are preferable.

Four Waterfalls Walk

Another very popular place is the location of the Four Waterfalls Walk, an even more occupied location, here it is absolutely recommended to be early (or late) to avoid the peak times.

Sgwd y Pannwr
(what you do not see: to the right there were two dozen visitors preparing to take a plunge in the pond)
Sgwd y Pannwr

With the small shortcoming that the places can become pretty overrun, the scenery is incredibly beautiful and you get “a lot for your walking” in this area. It is by far no “secret location”, but still it allows one to explore your personal view and hone your waterfall photographic skills.

Up the Mountains

Another interesting feature of the Brecon Beacons are the mountains, of course. At least – as the water falls down somewhere – there must be some heights to explore and enjoy the view in the distance. For most tourists, this would be Pen-y-Fan, the highest peak in the Brecons. For us, it was our “House Mountain”, the Fan-y-Big, where the ascent started right behind our doorstep (and a circular walk was possible …).

Starting the tour, you first come across a scenery right from Lord of the Rings where the Nazgul would come right riding down towards you.

Right from the Shire …

Not “… up, up, up the stairs …” we went, but more like Kate “Running up that Hill” we had a hefty 300m ascent towards the peak of Fan-y-Big, but were rewarded with lovely views …

Sunset over Brecon Beacons
From Fan y Big
From Fan y Big

But here are actually small secret locations that you have for yourself most of the time. Like a little cascade, by far not that huge or jaw dropping as the “Four Waterfalls“, but still quite nice.




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