Author: Andreas

  • Miracle


    Life is a miracle. If you think about the sometimes very destructive mechanisms forging the universe, the chance that something as beautiful as a birch tree in the evening light even exists is diminishing low. Anyway – the physical universe does not know beauty. Life knows beauty. Human beings know beauty. And yet, here we…

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  • Expectations


    Life is full of expectations. From the very beginning of our childhood, we are surrounded by experiences of expectation. From the excitement the night before Christmas over the first anxiety of exams in school to the first kiss – imagination, hope and expectations are driving us and determine our way to feel. We can feel…

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  • Universe of Things

    Universe of Things

    Canon recently announced that two new cameras with impressive resolution will arrive soon. The technical specifications sound very promising – more than 50MP, interesting new features, especially for the landscape photographer. This new gear is tempting – indeed. But, the more I think about it, the less I need these cameras. They do not improve…

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  • Eternity


    time can never be lost or found- it can only be used more wisely. Eternity is nothing that can be achieved by us – as long as we perceive it as a duration or point in distant future. However, if eternity is something so remotely in the future that the past is everything but a…

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  • Analogue


    I like digital photography. A lot. My photography has improved significantly in terms of quality of the print, the way the pictures can be used, shared etc. However, it has not changed the way that I make pictures. I still try to get it right in camera, avoiding a lot of post production work. Though…

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  • Mind


    If there is one thing that determines our perception of our life – how we feel, what we want … – that one thing world be our mind. While our physical life, our environment does not quite change that much, our judgment about the world and our personal position on how we perceive this world…

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  • 42


    Anyone who read Douglas Adams knows that number and the meaning. Who did not will just see the number. The same thing (a number) can have very different meaning to us, depending on our background and our history. Any information is given meaning only in the moment that a subject is confronted with it and…

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  • Growth


    Life is about growing. We never stay the same person, but change constantly as does our environment. We live on change, you could even say that change is one of the major factors that drive us through life. For example: we can not directly detect temperatures, all we can detect is the withdrawal or the…

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  • Perspectives


    Whenever we make photographs, one of the most influential ways to improve the picture is to choose the right perspective. To choose the best point of view, the best distance, the right angle to allow the scenery to unfold it’s beauty. Perspective however has nothing to do with the tools you are using. Perspective is…

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