Universe of Things


Canon recently announced that two new cameras with impressive resolution will arrive soon. The technical specifications sound very promising – more than 50MP, interesting new features, especially for the landscape photographer. This new gear is tempting – indeed.

But, the more I think about it, the less I need these cameras. They do not improve my photography significantly. They are incredible tools – true! But the tool is just a tool. The best carpenter can produce beautiful craft with mediocre tools, but the worst carpenter can get the best tools – they will not make him master of the craft.

We life in a universe of things, and things are dominating our day to day life.

It is very difficult to not be entangled by this culture. Things are shiny, nice, and somehow we think that we are connected to them, that we become somehow different if we own these things. It is what we learn from the very beginning. Even in school it starts. But when you think intently about this and ask the right questions:

What would significantly improve my art? –

You will come up with answers that are quite simple. And cheaper than the latest gear. Of course – if you are the master carpenter, you will try to get the best tools, because then they do make a difference.  But if you are not there yet, some other things will suite you better.

I just printed an old picture that I shot with my Power Shot G11. You now what: The picture is amazing, even without 50MP.





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