There are many reasons to be grateful for the past twelve month. Thinking about 365 amazing days, far beyond anything that the average human being can expect on this planet, I can only be thankful for the life I am allowed to experience.

My family and me, we have plenty to eat and drink – and that is not only water and bread.

We have shelter, and a good one.

We have friends. Good ones. We laugh together – a lot.

Our kids (both girls) can go to school or the kindergarten. They can choose what they want to do or become. They are taught to read and write.

We discuss luxury problems, most of the time (What to eat? What to do for the weekend? Where to go for the next holiday? – that kind of “problem”).

We are healthy. More or less, nothing too serious. To get appropriate time for exercise is our biggest challenge. What kind of problem is this?

We have jobs. Jobs that make sense. Not always easy ones, but they are fun, at least most of the time. Challenging and not boring. We make enough money with one job, so there is time to see our kids grow up. Nothing to complain about here.

Thank you

That is the only thing one could say being allowed to live a life like that on this planet. There are so many people who do not have this luxury, who do not know what to do next or what tomorrow may bring. People who experience war, destruction and death – something I pray my kids will never have to experience.

I am grateful for the year that is about to come to an end. Grateful that my only trouble is how and when to see Star Wars …

Here is some recent work …

McWay Falls
McWay Falls
The Needle
The Needle



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