Location Review: Chapman’s Pool (Dorset)


Chapman’s Pool is a scenic cove near Worth Matravers in Dorset, not far from Swanage. It can only be explored on foot by walking down a steep path from a parking lot, approximately 1.5 miles distance through fields and down to the coast.

Good time to photograph is in the evening with overcast sky and not too high tide. Breezy days may help with interesting water movements. There are some old huts and fishing boats located at the pool, furthermore interesting rocks at the entry of the cove in the water and on location.

The major landmark is a high hill at the left side of the cove, it is dominating the scenery. Low clouds may cover the hilltop.

Equipment related, wide angle lenses, a tripod, neutral density filters and maybe graduated neutral density filters should be appropriate for scenic landscape pictures.

The place develops some interesting “moodiness”, especially at sunset with the sun behind heavy clouds – it is just a joy to make pictures here.

To the Sea
To the Sea
Chapmans Pool
Chapmans Pool



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